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Living Off Grid in Paradise :) I have a nice place just west side of Grand Canyon, 4200'alt. Been here 5 years. Its a lot work but it keeps me busy. Been outdoors most of my life, wouldn't have it any other way. I love fish, Lake Mead, Colorado River is just 20 miles away.

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Grand Canyon

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I love the great outdoors, and Critters. Fishing, working on my homestead. If you real email me

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Still in good shape, very active

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If you had to leave everything behind but got to choose 5 things to take with you what would they be?

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Yeppers. 1st of all, theres 3 kinds of off grid living. living the old way, living with some modern things, living with all modern things. I have other suggestions that would make this a better site, you should contact me.

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just searched the net

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Thank you for the donation! Every little bit helps (:

Aug 17th 2022

HEY, Anybody out there